Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rita Mae

Is she gorgeous or what? Completed, beginning to end, in 2 days!  Who AM I?  I never used to be this focused!
I've decided to re-do each room in the house, one at a time.  Inspired by Janet, I hope to scale down some of the 'junk' that I have collected, getting rid of things I wouldn't buy today, if I saw them in the store.  Today I've been working on my sewing room.  Got Gord to go to the lumber store to buy 2 more shelves for the closet for more efficient storage and instead of thinking it thru, I got him to buy shelves that were 12" deep just like the top one, but once he'd installed them I realized what a stupid idea not to get shelves as deep as possible.  So back to the lumber store to buy 20" deep shelves which makes much more sense.  He patiently spent a good part of his Sunday afternoon today taking the 12" ones down and then installing the deeper ones.  What an amazing husband I am blessed to have!


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