Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Treasures

Gord just returned from 4 days in Winnipeg, visiting his two brothers and his 95 year old dad.  He helped his dad clean out a closet and sort through some stuff.  It can be quite surprising (and beneficial to me!) what you come across going thru a closet of someone that age who doesn't organize and purge regularly, even though he lives in a very small condo.
I did a bit of research of the 2 patterns and both seem to be from around 1943.  Though Gord's mom wasn't a seamstress, he thinks her sister may have helped her sew the dresses.  She would have been about 19 at the time.
He also brought back this very old piece of what I believe is linen.
And this bar of Sunlight soap has definitely seen better days but I love the look of it!

He found the cookie cutters at his friend Gary's antique & collectibles store.  I was hoping they would be old and not shiny so now I must figure out a way to age them quickly.
Soon to follow, more projects I completed while Gord was away!


Lori said...

What a great bunch of goodies he brought back!

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