Friday, January 28, 2011

Unfinished forever??

So one of my resolutions for the New Year 2011 is to finally finish all those projects I have bought supplies for and those that I have finished but for one reason or another, now have to re-finish!  One of these is this 'swing sweater' which I first knitted as a cardigan but once completed, it was so huge I could have fit 3 of me in it!  Ya, you ask, if it was sooo big, why did I keep going?  ANYWAYS, I pulled it all apart and began again with a Debbie Bliss pattern.  I have completed the back, the left front and am now on the right front and now I'm doubting that I'll have enough yarn!  Problem being, as I unraveled the 1st sweater, a lot ended up in the trash since there was damage as I attempted to pull it all apart.  Now I have to try and find a couple more balls, hopefully, so I can put DONE to this one!  This seems to be a pattern that is repeated over and over...                                                                    to head to Walmart and/or Zellers to hopefully find said yarn!  To be continued...

So I actually found 2 balls of the yarn at Zellers but the colour, ie dye lot, is so different from what I have that I have to return them and continue searching.  Frustration!


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