Friday, January 14, 2011

I love sewing, but...

I just love the whole experience of finding a new pattern that I love,  hunting for the perfect fabric, the cutting and the sewing and the pressing as it all comes together, like pieces of a puzzle and VIOLA! completion.  Such satisfaction that comes with finishing a project, my own little piece of creation.  But then, I try on the finished item and more often than not, it fits weird on my near-perfect figure (cough) or it just looks too old or young or baggy or tight, or sometimes all of those things!  Or like today, I sewed this pretty yellow tunic blouse to wear over a tank this summer.  It was great until I put it on and turned to look at myself in the mirror and eeyewww, I looked pasty and quite nasty!  I loved the fit and style but the colour on me! YUK, it's going to look really good on somebody else who finds it at Value Village.  I want to try making it again but next time, I'll make sure the colour works with my pale skin. It looks nasty on the picture too. What was I thinking??


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