Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010 - Hello 2011!

Instead of partying New Years Eve, Gord and I decided to go down to Bellingham and spend a couple of days away, more relaxing, less busyness.  On day one we stayed in town and found Old Market Antiques in downtown Bellingham.  It's all the fun of the search, not knowing what you might find.
I just loved the French flash cards at $2 each, the Paris stickers were $1 each and the whole string of old cookie cutters was $8.

On day two we took a drive down Chuckanut Drive beside the ocean.  It was a gorgeous sunny day (not too common in December on the West Coast!)

As we left the coast and entered Skagit Valley, we happened upon an antique/junk store.  Stuff piled upon stuff, dusty and cobwebbed, I did manage to find a couple of treasures...a hand washing agitator, wonderfully rusted for $6 and antique quilt for $3!
Once we returned to our hotel, we still had 5 hours to kill before midnight, so we took a walk in the frosty evening air to Bellis Fair Mall and walked the entire perimeter, stopping at Target because that was one of the few stores still open.  They were clearing out all Christmas stock so I was able to find serviettes and ribbons and coloured raffia for next year for a grand total of $4!  And the dvd Babe, which I love, for $3!  A great day for bargains!
And we bought a couple of bottles of wine...this one I just had to have!  Smile.


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