Thursday, February 24, 2011

...and now, for my next trick...

Another 'stitch in time'.  I started on this doll this afternoon, got the body, arms and legs cut and sewed and stuffed and then had to sadly stop and get ready to attend a banquet the school district was hosting to honour all teachers of loyal service of 20, 25, 30 and 35 years.  Gord has reached his 20 year mark this year, amazing!  I didn't want to stop, partly because I've had so little time lately for doing creative work and mostly because I dread banquets, if I might not know anyone else.  I read the other day, instead of saying, 'I've GOT to do this or that' say 'I GET to do this...'  Attitude is everything.  As it happens, we sat with our life insurance rep and his wife who is a teacher, and had a wonderful time!  After all these years, why can't I just believe that God understands and then trust?
On a different note, I was trying to finish some little jobs around the house and so I was replacing the posts on our 20 year old light fixture since the old ones were white plastic and yellowed and ugly.  I had almost succeeded and was so proud of my accomplishment until...OUCH!!!!


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