Monday, December 27, 2010

Family is Love

The table was set for 24, the turkey was stuffed and cooked, carved and set on the platter.  The house was filled with hugs and love and laughter.  What a blessing to have an extended family of people who enjoy being together.   I must say, Mr Turkey looked lovely!  Golden and juicy and delicious!
We had a fun gift exchange for all who wanted to participate and there were many creative and 'unexpected' gifts.  I made my sisters each a little primitive x-stitch hanger.  My older sister made us each a primitive spool head plus an antique quilt block and tin tart pan from France.  My younger sister gave us each 3 humongous gourds that are perfect...scruffy and grungy with lovely long stems.  Thank you for these absolutely wonderful and thoughtful gifts!  And thank you family for a day we could spend together!


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