Thursday, June 30, 2016

Make Us an Offer!

May 4, 2013 we presented our offer.  The owners asking price was 402,500 so we thought we'd start a bit low and offered 385,000 with a possession date of August 1. They counter-offered but we eventually settled with 395,000.  They were stuck on the possession date being pushed back till September 4. We didn't like it but agreed. This was also subject to an inspection and to our current house selling.
So the next step was getting our house on the market. We wanted to list at 525,000 in spite of Randy's  attempt to convince us we'd be lucky if we got 495,000 for it. We got rid of lots of clutter, Randy's stager came thru with a few suggestions, and it was for sale! There were a few viewings almost immediately, kind of a steady flow but no second viewings. Then we got a call one weekend afternoon that a realtor was bringing someone by.  Gord and I drove down below and parked on Blauson Blvd so we could still look up at the house and about half an hour later saw 3 adults and a young boy standing out on our deck.  Then they must have gone down to the back yard and we could hear the boy yelling and laughing (good sign, right?) Later that day we got a call that they wanted to put in an offer!  We settled on 519,000 which we were absolutely satisfied with! The only issue was they wanted a possession date of July 31, which meant we'd be homeless for a month and four days. They were a husband and wife with a 6 year old son and a baby due in November.  Two aunts would be moving into the basement suite to help them with the mortgage. We agreed and then tried to move up our possession date by a month but the current owner, Lorene, wasn't willing to budge one bit.


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