Monday, April 30, 2012

Bragging Rights

Over and over, I am amazed by the incredible creativity around me!  Once again, Roxi outdid herself (with Thomas' help) creating Ana's 6th birthday cake.  Ana wanted the birthday party to be 'Tangled' after the movie so this is the amazing cake...

today Alison competed in Vancouver at the AHA in the New Talent category for hair stylists, at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  She was one of about 18 competing.  Being there was witnessing true works of art!
  Nerves...let's get the show on the road already!                                                                          
The competitor's had only 45 minutes to take their model from wet hair to completion.
The hair colouring was done a day or two before.                                                                                

                    Steady hands = perfection                                                                                
                   The judges deliberated...                                                                                   
         ...and the winners were announced.                                                                                     
 Christina did such an awesome job as her model!                                                                                 
Though she didn't win, she found out later that she tied for 4th!!                                                                               
Alison, we are so proud of you!  Grandma would be so very proud!                                                                                   


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