Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Free?" Weekend

So the husband and my two youngest sons (23 & 20) have flown across the country for the Thanksgiving weekend to see 'dad' and 'grandpa' who will turn 95 this month and still lives on his own.  I'm thinking, goody for me, and immediately a list is already growing in my mind of all the 'important' things I will be accomplishing over the next 3 days.  No distractions, no meals to worry about.  This is going to be real good.  Being a person who enjoys her own company, actually thrives on 'alone' time, I looked forward to this ever since the tickets were purchased.  After dropping them at the airport, I head home.  I have a sleep-over planned with my precious 4 year old grand-daughter.  We spent a wonderful evening first washing the dog, Rugby.  Ama (me) had promised to do something 'special' and this was 'it'!  She squirted shampoo and I rinsed and rinsed until we ended up with a fluffy and sweet-smelling schnauzer!
Then, cuddling down to watch 'Snow White' and eating popcorn.  By the time she snuggled down into my bed, she was ready for sleep.  I had no idea how much room a 4 year old can take up in a queen bed!  In the morning there is nothing sweeter than waking up, opening your eyes only to see those baby blues looking right back!
By noon I left for Vancouver Airport to pick up my daughter-in-law from a week in England.  Remember, my son is in Winnipeg so I was called upon.  I took along my daughter for company and we did a little shopping, got to the airport in time, and by the time we got home it was time for supper and a glass (or 2) or wine and a chick flick, just me and my 3 'daughters'.
So far, I don't think I've crossed much off my list, but the blessings received are PRICELESS!


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